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Reasons to Use ARMORGUARD PATROL LLC Subcontracting

ARMORGUARD PATROL LLC Sub-Contracting provides a business with Professional Security Guards and also a Self-Organized Structure with administration able to manage and work with all of our Partners. Our structure creates a system that provides direct communication with you and your client.

Excellent representation of every business that sub-contracts through ARMORGUARD PATROL LLC .

With ARMORGUARD PATROL LLC Subcontracting for any business owners and employee’s can rest easy ON-AND OFF the clock with the realization that their business is represented with the utmost care and quality of professionalism required in the security industry.

  1. Professional
  2. Managed
  3. Reliable
  4. Trained Personnel
  5. Insured

Never miss on the chance to sign a new location!

When a consistent security presence is required by a business Subcontracting can fill a need whether temporary or permanent. We provide trained, highly effective security to locations at a rate which is profitable and cost effective for your business.

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