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Residential Communities

Residential security is a forte at ARMORGUARD PATROL LLC . At the point when our officers are set at work in a residential neighborhood, they can deal with the majority of the security for the whole network. From the section doors to assisting with crises, our security groups are prepared to verify individuals apart of the community are safe.

Our prepared & trained security officers are available to work 24 hours per day in the neighborhood to give everybody the confidence that there is somebody keeping an eye out for them.

Community Guideline Adherence

Assurance that community rules/guidelines are followed can be a challenge…. ARMORGUARD PATROL LLC Residential Security guards adhere directly to the agenda set by HOA/Managerial Entities to uphold the expected rules and guidelines in place.

Scalable Residential Patrol

Equipped with transportation and multiple methods of organization, ARMORGUARD PATROL LLC Residential guards are able to manage the safety and protection of large communities along with subdivisions of even bigger communities. Team organization and management of our personnel ensure we exceed at the expectations of our service to the community.

Common Solutions:

  • HOA Guideline Enforcement
  • Tennis Court/Golf Course/Pool Security
  • Multi Subdivision
  • Managed Security
  • Scalable Event Solutions

Gated Communities

Gated Community Security from ARMORGUARD PATROL LLC ensures valid wanted entry. Much of this service is operated at the entry point of a protected community. Making sure the correct set of people welcome by residents are allowed entry & preventing unauthorized individuals is a number one priority. An important aspect of Gate Operation is making sure residents are able to leave and enter hassle free which is why our Gated Community operators are trained for quick verification and picked specifically for friendly professional personalities.

Apartment Complexes

Coming Soon…

For any inquiry in regards to Spot Check Patrol’s Residential/Apartment/Gated Community Security Services.

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