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Executive/Personal Protection

Every situation is Unique...

At ARMORGUARD PATROL LLC we understand under certain circumstances, individuals require close protection or a bodyguard or maybe a few. Executive Protection, this form of service must be discreet and comprehensive. Whether it’s for business or personal matters our expert security personnel is trained fit the mold required. From large corporate establishments to celebrities the purpose of our Executive Protection Services is to enable our clients to remain productive with a sense of confidence from a protection service acclimated to their needs.

Discreet Professional Protection For Important Individuals

Our highly tailored solutions deliver security while remaining unobtrusive in terms of lifestyle and productivity. In corporate scenarios we are very familiar with donning a suit and tie, projecting professionalism and stability at the request of whom we serve.

Our Standard Of Professionalism

ARMORGUARD PATROL LLC Executive Protection Officers are held to a rigorous standard of professionalism. Trained rigorously to accommodate, protect, and serve. These highly trained professionals are here to provide safety and the feeling of it to who they guard.

Privacy and Confidentiality No Exceptions

Our guards and services are strictly here to protect and accommodate. Our clients are what come first and their privacy is upheld to the same high standards as their safety. Private life should remain private and our clients seek protection to remain Secure, Safe, & Productive.

24-7-365 Solutions Available

Common Executive Protection services provided:

  • Close Protection
  • Customized Security Assesment
  • Personal Bodyguard
  • Security Team Assignment
  • Surveillance of Location
  • Security of Property
  • Travel Risk Preparation and Accompaniment
  • Security Driver Assignment
  • Formal/Business Security
  • Executive, Celebrity, V.I.P. Accommodation

For any inquiry in regards to Spot Check Patrol’s Executive/Close Protection Services.

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