Security Services for Small Business and Large Companies

The safety and professional security of your people and property are our primary focus. We customize our approach for each client, planning our surveillance strategy based on company needs and dynamics that vary by location, industry, and company size. We work hard so that all employees, customers, visitors, and their property are kept safe around the clock. ARMORGUARD PATROL LLC works with businesses to determine a healthy balance of armed and/or unarmed professional security guards to properly protect company employees and assets.

For large businesses, we offer on-site surveillance with variable hours up to 24/7 patrol. Smaller operations take advantage of our mobile patrol services. Even after doors are closed and the staff goes home, outside threats to property and assets still persist. Vandalism, stolen goods, and intrusion are common threats across industries from hospitals to schools to retail shops. ARMORGUARD PATROL LLC is dedicated to the site protection of our clients leveraging both our high-quality guards and technology.

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Unique Security Solutions For Unique Clients

We understand the complex balance between needs and budgets. They vary for every client, shaping the specific strategy solutions for remote monitoring & patrol along with customized solutions. These solutions are based off of variables such as Property, Location, and Budget. The our mission is to provide service without compromising on effectiveness and safety.

Some of the services we offer:

ARMORGUARD PATROL LLC Guard Security, offers highly trained security personnel.

All of our security officers/bodyguards are highly trained. Our security officers and executive protection agents are specifically trained to carry out the tasks that keep our clients and their property safe.

Security can be tough to handle, here at ARMORGUARD PATROL LLC Security we plan ahead and are always ready. You will not have to worry about any situation as we map out any weak areas that could be compromised.

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